Welcome to my world of poetry

God I love my son 
my slogan
is a source of questions and curiosity
what does it mean?

overwhelmed as I am
with day to day struggles
at the back of my mind
I sing my national anthem
no matter the weather
or the mood, I sing
God I love my son

I have been putting ideas down
to keep my mind occupied
away from the toxicity
of my life and world
I hold to this anchor
God I love my son
my signature poem

never in my wildest dream
did I dream it would be read
aloud and shared world wide
in a creative way and published
in anthologies
it sent a spark to my confidence
I smile at myself

lately invited to mix with like minded
sparks of fire that demand
more readings in open mics and slam jams
every time a chance rises.

Another mantra
We will not be silenced 
came to life
shook waves more than ever
with more demands for live reading
it was made clear to me
that with some basic training
more ground would be gained

joining workshops online
for basic skills
was the first option
then an editor was the last piece of the puzzle
to this Poet
welcome to my world of poetry

For the Youtube link to this poem, click here

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