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No Audience Loraine (NAL)

a parking space for stories deemed as unappealing to the public

Welcome to #NoAudienceLoraine website.

Hi Everyone
Thanks for checking me here
So on this website you shall find links to some of my work
speeches, poems, and more of course!
I am autodidact poet, motivational speaker, comedian
who is also self-published, I Was Not Born a Sad Poet

“I read your poem, ‘From the glass bottle’. Best I have ever read about the asylum experience. Truly inspired.” – Richard

Some of my published materials are listed within the website
I am available for my poetry reading sessions both physical and virtual. I also help self help groups and their volunteers on best practices and how to engage with people with lived experience of the UK asylum and migration system.

I am a strong believer in community cohesion and activities. I have used every platform given to me to motivate others and challenge misconceptions about new communities.

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Email: activistlorainemponela@gmail.com
Hashtags #IwasNotBornASadPoet #SupportMigrants #NoAudienceLoraine

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6 October 2022:  “I Was Not Born a Sad Poet”
I am excited to announce that my first book of poems is now available.

Get a copy of my poetry book here